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What is your Home Buying Strategy

So, you think you’re ready to find your next home? If you think that you’ll find exactly what you are looking for, think again. The best advice I can provide a Buyer when searching for their next home, is … [Read More...]

Top 5 Buyer Must Haves

1) Obtain Loan Pre-approval Obtaining a loan pre-approval is verified documentation of employment, credit report, assets, debts, W-2’s & tax returns required             to obtain a loan. A pre-approval is … [Read More...]

5 Reasons For-Sale-By-Owner Fails

Listing your home as a For Sale by Owner isn’t as easy as you think. The main goal of every For Sale by Owner (FSBO), is to sell their home for the highest dollar amount without paying a commission to a Realtor.  … [Read More...]

Do Finished Basements Add Value

The short answer, is yes..... and no.  Still confused?  Let's break it down. A finished basement is one of the most popular home improvement projects for homeowners.  A basement is below grade; and in Michigan, … [Read More...]

Selling Your Home vs Buyer Expectations

When listing your home for sale, sometimes it is difficult to separate real life from reality TV.  How many of us enjoy watching episodes of House Hunters and Fixer Upper?  The lure of professionally decorated … [Read More...]

When to Compromise on Your Next Home

How many of you are waiting for the “perfect” home? Does your “must-have” list include items that should be on your “wish” list? If so, this post is dedicated to YOU! I was working with one of my buyers this … [Read More...]

A Strategy For New Construction

Before you can develop a strategy, you must first determine how long you intend on staying in the home.  Why is this important?  Because the designer options are a money trap, and if you don’t have a plan, your … [Read More...]


Selling your home is "personal", but selling it quickly AND for top dollar, requires a critical eye and a proven successful strategy.  CURB APPEAL  Stand in front your home.  Close your eyes.  Then OPEN with … [Read More...]

Buyers, Don’t Do This…

Don’t Do This… Imagine finding the home of your dreams and then watching it slip through your fingers. This past week, I heard about a couple looking to purchase their very first home. They received a … [Read More...]

Is It Good To Live In An HOA Community?

Is it good to live in a community with an HOA? This is probably one of the least asked questions in real estate, but a very important one. The best answer is this… It depends. Each homeowner association is … [Read More...]

4 Most Popular Rooms in a House

4 Rooms have consistently ruled the decision-making process over the past 20 years.   If one of these rooms is not up to par, most buyers will either walk away or submit low ball offers.   #1 KITCHEN A … [Read More...]

How Long Will Your House Last

When you purchase a home, you have to pay attention to all of the mechanics such as A/C Unit, Hot Water Tank, Roof, etc. But, what about the other mechanics; such as Windows, smoke detectors, washer/dryers, … [Read More...]

Owner Occupied vs Investment Homes

There are more differences than you may think between Owner occupied and Investment owned homes.  Below are the differences: PROPERTY VALUES Owner occupied homes are better maintained; both inside and … [Read More...]

New Construction vs Resale Homes

NEW CONSTRUCTION - Building Your Home (Part 1) If you look around the Ann Arbor area, there are billboards and signs  advertising new home communities.  Beautifully decorated models greet prospective homebuyers, … [Read More...]

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